Creative Team

Tina Limon


Tina Limon


Tina Limon is a native Tucsonan. She studied English, Creative Writing and Media Arts at the University of Arizona. Her love for film started at a young age when she was mesmerized by Pink Floyd’s The Wall.   Her list of favorite films include Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.  She has been involved in event coordination, public relations and fundraising  with various Southern Arizona groups and organizations for the past 10 years. Her passions include music, film and cooking and hopes to one day own and cook in her own restaurant. Tina fell in love with the Arizona Nevada script and quickly signed as producer.  Tina has known Oscar Jimenez for 20 years and is a fan of his creative work and is excited to help bring the story to life.

Jesse Jackson


Jesse Jackson


Hello my name is Jesse, and I have lived in Southern Arizona most of my life. Over the years I have become more and more attached to the desert lifestyle. If I were to ever move on, I know that the look and feel that is the Sonoran Desert will always be in my memory. With a growing affinity for cinematography, and video production as a whole, I am delighted at the opportunity of utilizing the beautiful natural colors and scenery that surround everyone here and sharing it with anyone who is curious to see.

While I am just beginning my journey in the video production field, I am enthusiastic about sharing my vision with the world all while contributing to the growing independent film scene in Southern Arizona. I am a recent graduate of Pima Community College’s Digital Film Arts program where I worked hands on on every aspect of film making. Ideally, I would like to start up a production company in town to further contribute to the local scene and give other people the opportunity to learn and grow.

Mike H


Michael Hieber


After moving to Arizona in 2006, Michael quickly became involved with the local music scene, performing with the Arizona Symphony, Kate Becker (Jazz), Andy Hersey (Country), and The Odd Association (Hip Hop).  He often collaborates with author/poet Erin Wilcox.  Michael began his film scoring career with Oscar Jimenez on 2009’s Esmeralda del Desierto.  That project was followed by Jimenez’s 2011’s Winkey Smiley Face.  Stylistically, Michael draws on his diverse musical interests and background, incorporating elements of Jazz, Classical, Pop, Funk, Techno, Country and more.



Lauren Zampier-Enwright
Makeup Designer


Lauren Zampier-Enwright is proud to have grown up a Tucson, AZ native. She has spent her whole life surrounded by wonderful artists like the glass blower and tattoo artist in her family. After earning a degree in Business Administration, she has used these inspirations to become a hair stylist, makeup artist, and jack-of-all-trades type of artist. By day, she can be found at SoHo Hair Studio. By night, she can be found working with runway, photography, paints, clays, and breaking down electronics for her jewelry projects. The only thing that inspires her more than creating beauty and art is giving back to the community. She has worked with Positively Beautiful, Salvation Army, and will be participating in an upcoming MS benefit. She aspires to go to school in California for Special Effects makeup, but for now, there is plenty of excitement here in Tucson, AZ.



Fania Bevill
Graphic Design Assistant