Charlotte Lilt


After inadvertently discovering her love of acting, (via role-play in her college social services courses) Charlotte is making her cinematic debut. She can’t wait to see where this new endeavor will take her, and is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to share part of herself with the world.

Beyond film acting, she loves spending time caring for her garden and menagerie of pets- including dogs, tree frogs, aquatic creatures, tortoises, and even a toucan. She is a Reiki practitioner and aspiring holistic health practitioner; she’s very much in tune with her spiritual self and is always finding ways to develop depth in everything she is and does.

Laura is a challenging character to play, but Charlotte is more than ready to bring her to life. She’s inspired by Laura’s search for consciousness beyond the surface of things and people and feels her own personal journey has shaped her into the perfect person to bring Laura into the world.



Colby Dean Meyers


Colby Dean Myers was born in Tucson, Arizona on March 17, 1984. His parents, Doug and Maria, moved their family to sunny California, where they resided for over eight years. When Colby and his family moved back to Tucson, he began acting in church plays.  Colby grew up to be an all-around athlete and a decent student. He studied drama at Mountain View High School and went on to act in theater at Pima Community College.

After a few years in the service industry and making fun videos with friends, Colby began working on short films in Arizona and California. With support and inspiration from his wife, he was cast as Boyd Evanston Warner in Where Dell Went, an adapted short expected to be released Summer 2013. He played astronomer Tim Stevens in Don Milne’s Ghosts of Light. He is currently developing leading roles in two films: Edward in Oscar Jimenez’s Arizona Nevada and Troy in the Phoenix based feature We Three.



Bardo Daniel Padilla


Bardo Daniel Padilla is an Arizona native.  Bardo is a graduate of the University of Arizona.  It was at the University of Arizona that he first began to act.  He participated in several University of Arizona Theater productions and then became involved with Borderlands Theater. Bardo has lent his creative talent to several local film productions, including “Pancho Goes to College” and “La Ultima Playa.”  Bardo is inspired to act because he considers it a way to embody his own feelings and emotions in another human being.  Bardo also spends his time teaching, dancing and traveling.  He acted in Oscar Jimenez’s 2011 film Winkey Smiley Face.  He is looking forward to working with Jimenez for a second time.  He explains “I have learned that there are no limits to what an actor can do with such a mind’s like Oscar’s.  He pushes to capture his vision while allowing his actors to give fully of themselves and bring their own background to the character.”



Jana Segal


Jana Segal earned her BA in Speech and Theater from Avila College where she performed in several plays. She went on to receive her MFA in Dramatic writing. She then studied the Meisner Technique in New York. Since moving to Tucson, she has divided her time between your first love of acting/storytelling, screenwriting, and film-making. She also enjoys teaching acting, screenwriting, and video production.

Jon Adonis


Jon Adonis


Jon Adonis is a native of Esteli, Nicaragua, Central America.  Jon has spent the last decade living and working in Tucson, Arizona.  Jon has modeled for print media and has choreographed local productions.  He trained as a dancer in his native Nicaragua with focus in general dancing.  Jon studied with the Studio for Actors in Tucson with Anna Risley.  Jon has a passion for physical training and family.  He has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to break into film acting. Jon will be playing two roles in Arizona Nevada, the “Baths King” and “Julian.”



Silvia Daniela Reynolds